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My Annual Credit Report

Did you think: I Need My Annual Credit Report"? So now you are here.

Did you know that if you want to properly monitor your credit history, you need to check and verify your credit history, and credit scores, with all three of the big credit agencies? You can't do just one. Plus, a report without a score, is of little use.

My annual credit report, like your credit report, is a very important piece of paper. In a way, it kind of resembles the report card that you used to receive when you were still in college. Indeed, it even performs the same goal: to inform you of your performance. In other words, my annual credit report is a piece of paper that contains your grade.

However, it is different from the typical report card because the grade that you receive here basically affects your life. Indeed, your college report card only serves to inform you of your grade; it is an end in itself. The credit report, on the other hand, contains your score that will tell you whether your life in the near future will be good or bad.

So, why do we need to check our annual credit report?

First of all, there is really no reason why we should not. After all, the United States’ federal government mandated all credit bureaus to regularly provide these credit reports to all credit holders for free.

Secondly, I need to constantly check my annual credit report because it is through my checking that report that I am able to make my credit rating at healthy levels. Because I can frequently check on my credit history, I am able to see if there are any deals or arrangements which I have forgotten. Most importantly, I am able to see if there are any debts, loans, or mortgages which I have not paid. Thus, I am able to deal with them the soonest time possible without them taking a bad toll on my credit rating.

Lastly, and most importantly, I am able to prevent and discourage identity thieves from trying to steal my resources.  By checking my credit history frequently, I am able to see if there are any inconsistencies in my financial transactions. If there are, I can report them at once to the authorities. 

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