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Credit Score Scale

The thought that you might have asked yourself often could be 'how to find my credit score scale'   In fact it is very easy to find your credit score scale for the website that offers free credit scoring services can help you in finding it with ease.  All you have to do is get access to that website and find your credit score scale much to your satisfaction.  It is indeed important to know your credit score scale because of the fact that more than 90% of the well-known banks take the help of the credit scoring website to disburse personal loans to their customers.  

It is absolutely true that banks do take important credit decisions based on your credit score scale.  If it is below the satisfactory level then any bank for that matter can reject your loan application.  On the other hand, if your credit score scale is fair then the bank would proceed further in processing your loan application.  Therefore, it goes without saying that you should maintain a fair credit score scale to succeed in your attempt of filing loan application with any financial institution.  The thought 'how to find my credit score scale' that occurred in your mind has to be appreciated by all means.

If you get the thought 'how to find my credit score scale' then you should certainly consider using the services of FICO scoring website that would assist you not only in finding your credit score scale but also in determining your eligibility to go for mortgage loans and home loans.  If you are interested in buying a new car and are searching for a financial institution to approach for car loan then you will do well to know your eligibility to apply for car loans.  After a thorough understanding of your credit score scale, you can then take action to increase you score.  

The first thing to consider when you are looking at credit scores is too understand that have 3 unique credit scores that are issued by each of the 3 major credit rating agencies. You have to have all of these scores before you can understand you credit situation. With all 3 current scores in front of you, you can look at ways to increase these scores. If you do not have all 3 of your scores, select one of the options listed here and get all 3 of your scores.

Very few people are satisfied with their current credit score scale. For those of you who would like to increase any of your 3 scores, you first have to understand the work you can do without contacting the credit agencies and the work that can only be done by contacting the credit agencies.

If for example you maintain high balances on your credit cards, you can easily raise your credit score without contacting any credit agency. All you have to do is pay down your balances. If you can maintain balances below ten percent of your available credit, on all of your credit cards, you will immediately increase your scores.

If you current balances are above fifty percent of your available credit, you credit scores are currently suffering. Many will tell you that maintaining a balance at below fifty percent is all you need to do to have the best credit scores, but this is not accurate. Maintaining your balances at below 10 percent of your credit lines will give you a huge boost to your credit score. You do not need to contact a credit agency to make this correction.

If by chance you do not have any credit cards and have very few accounts reporting to the major credit bureaus, this too will reduce your credit scores. To fix this you need to carry at least two credit cards. This trick is one you have these cards is to keep their balances at below ten percent of their credit limit. This will raise you scores as well over the course of months, as the previous trick will raise your scores immediately. But for long term results, this is a must, and if you have no credit or bad credit, you options will be limited.

Do not apply for too many credit cards, as this will also lower your credit scores. So before applying for any cards, know which cards are best for you. If your scores are all above 680, then you can apply for most basic credit cards. If your scores are below this, then you need to apply for credit cards that open state they accept people with your credit rating.

For example, if your scores are around 550, then you need to apply for credit cards that accept bad credit. You will find you options limited to secured credit cards, but if you need to raise your credit scores, these cards will do that, and they will do it rather quickly. You will, find those options listed here as well, and if not, simply Google "rebuilding credit cards", and you will find many options there to make you happy with your credit score scale.

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