Credit Score Scale

Experian Credit Score Scale

Credit Score Scale

When someone is trying to understand their credit scores they sometimes want to look at a credit score scale or a credit score chart.

You will see a chart on your left that will show you how your credit score is rated as far as good or bad.

Many people will just look for their Experian credit score scale and this is a huge mistake.

There are three major credit bureaus that each have their own credit scores, if you only look at your Experian score you are missing two of your scores!

There are three major credit agencies and Experian is just one of them. You also have to look at Equifax and TransUnion.

The good news is that you do not have to pull these credit reports separately as there are many services that offer what are referred to as three in one reports. Another term for this is a report that includes your credit reports from all major credit agencies.

Even better is that you can get all of these reports when you look for offers for free credit reports. When you go through the trouble of accessing your free credit reports it is also a very good idea to access your free credit scores from all the major bureaus as well. This way you will have not only your Experian credit score scale, but you will have your scores from the other two major bureaus as well.

For anyone that is new to wanting to maintain good credit ratings, you have to understand that each bureau is just important as the other. That is why it is a good idea to get used to using a service that will give you the information from all three bureaus on one easy to read report. This is much easier than requesting the reports from each agency separately. It is also much easier for you to review this information and make sure that the information is correct when you see it all on one report.

I have been in this business many years and remember when you were only able to pull each credit report individually. It was very difficult to have to verify the information on three separate reports in three different formats. The fact that you get to review this information side-by-side in one easy to read report saves you so much time. It makes it essentially too easy for someone not to review their information on a regular basis.

It does not matter which service you use as long as they're giving you current data from all of the major credit reporting agencies. Once you learn to understand this information, you will understand how your credit scores are determined. You will start to be less concerned with your credit scores and more concerned with the information contained in your reports. This is because it is the information contained in your reports that creates your credit scores.

Once you learn to verify and correct the information in your credit reports, your scores will always be reflecting accurate information and will also be higher because you are now properly monitoring your credit reports. This is not exciting, or fun, but it does give rewarding when you start to see your credit scores increase.

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