Credit Score Scale

Credit Score Scale Guide

Credit Score Scale

On your left is a credit score scale guide, and is useful to determine your current credit rating, if you apply all three of your credit scores.

If you are only using one or two of your credit scores, then you are not getting a complete picture of your credit profile.

In addition to having all three of your credit scores, a complete review of your credit history, requires that you review all three of your credit reports as well.

It is common for people to be overly concerned with their credit scores. Credit scores are important, but they are not the determining factor for if you will get approved for a loan or anything else.

Anyone that is going to grant you credit or make a decision based on your credit history, is going to do a complete evaluation of all three of your credit reports. Your credit scores act as an introduction to your credit reports, but the information contained within those credit reports is actually more important to someone making a decision about a loan or anything else.

The credit score scale guide is an effective tool to use while you're looking at your current three credit scores. If you do not have current information on all three of your credit scores and all three of your credit reports, it is very easy to request free credit reports with free credit scores.

With this current information, you can then not only see how the credit score scale guide marks you, but you can start to evaluate your complete credit history and make sure that the information contained within your credit reports is an accurate portrayal of your credit history. It is quite common for your reports to contain mistakes or perhaps information that is not even yours. It is your responsibility to verify this information as nobody else will do this for you.

After a thorough investigation of all three of your credit reports, if you do find that there is some information that is incorrect or perhaps not even yours, this can be corrected by submitting a dispute directly to the credit bureau reporting this information. When you have requested copies of your free credit reports and free credit scores, they include information how to properly submit this dispute information with each credit bureau. If you follow their instructions as to where to send this information and include all the information they advise you to include, you can get this information corrected in approximately 30 days.

I understand that it is nice to see high credit scores when you do look at your personal credit information, however you must remember that your credit scores are only a quick preview of your actual detailed credit reports. You will never be granted a loan based on your credit scores alone. Sometimes they are used to weed people out before a creditor will even look at their credit report, so maintaining good ratings on the credit score scale guide is very useful. Nevertheless, if they see information that is negative or inaccurate on your credit reports, you will not be approved for this loan regardless of how high your credit scores are at any time.

Reviewing your credit scores is much easier than reviewing the complete and thorough information that is maintained within each of the three major credit bureaus. I think that is why so many people focus on their credit scores without properly reviewing the information in their credit reports. If you are a person that wants to maintain a good credit profile at all times, you will take the time to review the information contained at all three credit bureaus and you will do this on a somewhat regular basis. There is a misconception that this can be done annually, and as a person experienced in both credit repair and loan approval, I can tell you that an annual review is not enough to maintain accurate information and high credit scores.

Do yourself a favor and take advantage of one of the free services that will give you three credit reports and three free credit scores so that you can review your information to make sure you have a complete clean credit profile. Once you have reviewed all this information in detail, it becomes much easier to review in the future. You will eventually be able to review all this information in a matter of minutes, however the first time but taking ourselves if you are taking the time to understand the information that is contained about you within each of the credit bureaus. I can personally review my information in about 2 minutes now when I receive my monthly e-mails reminding me to log in and verify the accuracy in my credit reports.

I am not saying that you need to subscribe to one of these services, and I am happy if you just log in every two or three months using one of these free services so that you can maintain an accurate and positive credit history. If your budget allows it, the monthly fee may seem small to you, yet if you are on a tight budget this monthly fee may be too much to spend as you can always log in and get information free.

The choice is yours, I just want you to understand what it takes to have a complete positive credit history rating at all three credit bureaus... And this goes far beyond your rating on any credit score scale guide.

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