Credit Score Scale

Credit Score Scale Chart

Credit Score Scale

You're now looking at the credit score scale chart, but do you currently have all three of your credit scores?

You are only doing proper verification of your credit history, if you are always monitoring all three of your credit scores.

If you do not have all of your current credit scores, it is easy to get your free credit scores from many of the services that will give you this information along with your credit reports.


It is important that you check your credit scores and your credit reports on a regular basis. Do not make the mistake of simply checking your credit scores without carefully reviewing the information that is contained within all of your credit reports. When you monitor this information you can then see how your credit scores rate on the credit score scale chart.

Your credit reports are actually more important than your credit scores. Someone who has pulled your credit will look at the score first, but then they will do their evaluation based on what is contained within your actual credit reports. If you have mistakes or errors in your credit reports, these items will be used against you.

The credit score scale chart will do you no good if you have mistakes in your credit reports.

It is also possible to have good credit scores and to have a poor credit report. As I said before, anyone that will pull your credit profile will look at both your credit scores and your credit report. They may see a good score but then after reviewing your reports in detail, you will then not be approved for whatever you have applied for at that time.

The problem with credit reports is that nobody will make sure the information that they contain is correct and must you do this yourself. That is why it is necessary to review your credit reports and make sure that the information is correct at all times. I personally checked my reports every month as I have a service that will send me updates in my e-mail. This service that I have is not free, but I need to maintain a good credit profile and this assures me that I do not forget to check my reports.

If your budget does not allow that you maintain a subscription to one of the services, all you have to do is make a note to check your credit reports every month or so using one of the free services and you have essentially done the same thing. It does get easier each time you read these reports so the more you do it the faster it will be for you.

These reports are also informative in that they will show you how to raise your credit scores based on the actual information that is contained in your personal credit profile. You can use this to raise your rankings on the credit score scale chart. You will look for what is called a score simulator that will show you what actions you can take to increase or decrease your scores. The score simulators are not completely accurate but they are close enough to give you an idea of the activities and actions you can take that will either raise your score or lower your scores.

The more frequently you check your reports and you read the information that these services provide you, you will then become more familiar with this information and more capable of maintaining higher credit scores in the future. Having a good credit rating is essential as long as will be doing business anywhere at any time of your life. When you are retired and your home is paid for, then you don't have to really do this any longer.

Now that it looks like the economic recession globally will continue for many more years, you will see more and more service providers enter the business to help people that need to improve their credit scores. You have people like me that are providing information to people that want to improve their credit scores and you have services that will actually assist you for a fee and up you make changes to your credit reports.

Before I would hire a credit repair service, I would do is much as I could on my own to save myself some money and because you do learn a lot about your credit scores and how to maintain a better credit history if you do some of this work yourself. Correcting inaccuracies is something that is easy to do and teach you how to correspond with the credit bureaus.

If you have never sent a letter to a credit bureau, the information that is contained when you request your free credit reports shows you detailed explanations how to submit a letter to each unique credit bureau. Even if you're only making small corrections, it is a good experience to learn how to write a letter to the credit bureaus and see how they respond to your request.

Once you have done this even if it is for a minor change such as your home address or your current employment, you will get the idea how corresponding with the credit bureaus works. You may then decide you do not want to employ a credit agency but would be better off hiring a service that teaches you the tips and tricks of the credit repair agencies while you do the paperwork yourself.

I can tell you that credit repair agencies are effective, but they are terribly slow. If you are patient, they can raise your credit scores and picture credit reports and improve your ratings on the credit score scale chart.

As someone that knows how to do credit repair, I have actually employed the services of credit repair companies when I was too busy to take care of some items myself. I was amazed at how slow they were a getting these items corrected, but I did not have the time to take sure that the requests were properly submitted in a timely manner, so I kept paying them their monthly fee. Eventually, I had to stop using them as they could not correct some of my items and I did take matters into my own hands and fix the remaining items myself.

Nobody is going to look out for you as well as you will and this goes with credit repair and just about anything else in life. If someone will teach you how to do credit repair, you will do a better job at getting your credit reports fixed faster and better than a credit repair agency. I now look pretty good when I compare myself to the credit score scale chart.

From experience, I can tell you that anyone that has a serious interest in repairing their credit, will do the work faster if they are given the proper instructions, then you will get from a credit repair agency. There is one exception to this rule in that there is one credible service that does offer credit repair in 37 days or less and they do have some good suggestions and do give you some good techniques. Again, none of this is guaranteed as you cannot know exactly how the credit Bureau is going to respond, but knowing most of the tricks and being persistent in detail oriented, you will make positive steps in preparing a credit report that is causing you to have low credit scores.

Until then you should get used to the idea of frequently reviewing both your credit report and your credit scores using one of the free credit score services.

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