Credit Score Scale

Check My Credit Score

Credit cards have always been a friend to everyone. There is no debate about that however like other friends not all friends bring any danger to us. So we need to know how to properly take care of them to avoid loss.

In owning a credit card one must know that there are two kinds of it, one is the normal credit card and the other one is the secured credit card.

By knowing the difference of these two kinds of credit cards we can actually know what kind of credit card is suitable for us. We sometimes forget that having a credit card means having a greater responsibility. As Spiderman said great powers comes with great responsibility because having a credit card can make or break us; as a person and financially broken.

More debt to think means more stress we get. So having a secured credit card means you can actually be accountable, responsible and in control on your expenses. Secured credit cards have a lesser credit limit which will depend on the collateral money you deposited in your account. Having secured credit card I actually know my credit limit thus I don’t need to check my credit score because I am not afraid I cannot pay all the bills for I control my credit limit.

While having the normal credit card is also good for I have a higher credit limit, I can buy anything I want in the same moment I see it. However I always am worried that I will get carried away so I check my credit score and thus it has some charges; well some credit card companies offer free charge in checking the balance but others have some payments deducting this charges on the credit limit. So if i will be doing it then most of my credit just goes when I check my credit score although it will save me from having more credit.

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